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Arctic MX Cleaner Wipes for removing Thermal Compounds (Box of 40 pieces)

Arctic MX Cleaner Wipes for removing Thermal Compounds (Box of 40 pieces)


MX Cleaner
The MX Cleaner is fully biodegradable (wipe and cleaning solution), consisting of 100% Limonene extracted from citrus essential oil. Pure natural essences come often with a very strong, a bit unpleasant smell, which quickly dissipates and is easily washable. With environmental sustainability in mind, ARCTIC has chosen not to alter the scent by adding chemicals.

The MX Cleaner dissolves old and heavily dried thermal paste, such as your MX-2 or MX-4, so that it can be picked up and removed with the cloth without any problems.

In contrast to cleaning with handkerchiefs, household rolls or cloth wipes, the thermal paste does not smear on the processor, but is cleanly loosened from the surface and removed. Even stubborn traces and residues of heat conductive pads can be reliably removed.

ARCTIC's MX Cleaner is limonene-based and contains neither alcohols nor benzenes. This natural substance is primarily used for industrial cleaning as it is effective and at the same time gentle to metals and alloys.

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