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Core 80 Plus Gold Semi Modular Silent Fan ATX Power Supply | GM-550 550W | GM-650 650W

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The CORE Series is the brand new series that completes the Seasonic lineup. The 80 PLUS® Gold certified CORE Series comes in all three cabling setups, including the fully modular CORE GX, semi-modular CORE GM, and lastly the fixed-cabled CORE GC. The Seasonic Smart and Silent Fan Control automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the temperature inside the power supply. As part of the TUF Gaming Alliance, the CORE Series is the perfect unit to go with your gaming PC.
80 PLUS® Gold certified
Tight Voltage Regulation
S2FC - Smart and Silent Fan Contro
DC to DC Converter Design
105 °C Japanese Capacitor
7 years warranty

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