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NR200P MAX mITX Case with Pre-Installed 850W 80+ Gold Full Modular PSU and 280mm AIO

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The pre-installed, pre-routed power supply and CPU-cooler allows for ease of building and optimal cable & tubing management. Install a motherboard, HDDs and finish off with a GPU: no hassle, no routing. Stow away excess cables and you’re good to go.

The NR200P MAX thermal and power delivery solutions are specifically tuned to ensure compatibility with any high-end system a user can dream of. Being only 18 liters in volume, the NR200P MAX is design to simultaneously satisfy power, performance, and minimal footprint.

The exclusive removable GPU panel simplifies the process of mounting large GPUs while enabling hands-free installation.

NR200P MAX offers users multiple options to customize the appearance and performance of the system. The included ventilated steel panel is ideal for keeping power hungry builds cool and running efficiently, while the edge-to-edge tempered glass panel provides a premium aesthetic.

NR200P MAX supports high performance triple-slot GPUs up to 336mm in length and 140mm in height, four 6+2 pin power cables included. The chassis has been specifically designed for a vertically mounted GPU to ensure powerful performance.

2 years (Case), 2 years AIO, 10 years (PSU)

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